Current and past history of the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile

Tibetan Parliament approves bill to increase MPs from North America

North American Chitue Candidates on The Tibetan Political Review


4 Responses to Information

  1. Tenzin says:

    Hi Kaydor la,

    Thank you for taking the initiative to put this website up. I appreciate your effort.

    I am a college student in the States and I don’t live in a Tibetan community. Although this might sound basic, I dont know the steps or process of voting for Chitue in the States. Since this is the information section, if you could explain how we can vote or what we need to vote, that would be very helpful to me and hopefully to other college students who are in the same boat as me.


  2. chitue2010 says:

    Tenzin la,

    I hope you were able to register because you can’t vote if you haven’t registered.

    Please see the Q&A section for more information:

    Tashi Delek!

  3. Tsewang Rigzin says:

    Kaydor la,

    Hats off to you for taking the initiative and creating this website to raise awareness among North America Tibetans on the importance of electing their Chitues. I am very hopeful that this website will provide a platform for all NA Tibetans to learn about all potential candidates and help them make an informed decision.

    Most importantly, we hope everyone will utilize the most important right of a democratic society, i.e to go to the polls on election day, be it primary or general.


  4. ganzey tshering says:

    I’ve just received an email from my nominee Doma Norbu who has asked me to inform you of her withdrawal from the nomination list, as there has been a death in the family and on her way to India and will be there for a while taking care of personal matters. She feels that she’ll not be able to participate fully and devote time and I quote her “all this will not give me the time to devote towards the elections”.
    Under such circumstances, and with a very heavy heart I would like to request you to withdraw her name from the list of nominee’.
    Sorry for all the trouble.

    Ganzey Tshering

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