Nominated Candidates

Tenzin ‘Tendor’ Dorjee (New York City)
Tendor is the Executive Director of Students for a Free Tibet (SFT). He was born and raised in India. Tendor graduated from Brown University with honors in International Relations. After working at the National Endowment for Democracy, he joined SFT in 2004 as Grassroots Coordinator. In 2007, he made international headlines after he and a team of Tibet supporters staged a high-altitude protest at Mt. Everest base camp in Tibet for which he was detained for three days. A published writer of essays and short stories, he won the International Campaign for Tibets’s first Light of Truth essay contest and is a frequent guest on Radio Free Asia, Voice of America, and Voice of Tibet. Tendor became SFT’s Executive Director in 2009 and is a leading spokesperson for the Tibetan freedom movement.
(Nominated by Kaydor Aukatsang)

Tashi Namgyal Khamritsang (Seattle, WA)

Tashi serves as a Commissioner on the Washington State Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs. Currently, he works for Puget Sound Energy in the Maps, Records and Technology department. Prior to his immigration to the United States, he worked with the Tibetan government in exile, including the Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Nepal, for 25 years. He is a former president of the Tibetan Association of Washington. He has served as Chairperson to the 2008 Dalai Lama Long Life Celebration Committee. He also served as the General Secretary for the Coordinating Committee of the North American Tibetan Associations from 2005-2007.(Nominated by Kaydor Aukatsang)

Tenzin Dargyal Khangsar (Ottawa, Ontario)

Tenzin was most recently Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Multicultural Affairs to the Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism (CIM). Prior to working in the government, Tenzin spent close to a decade in the television and telecommunications sector. He notably co-founded a technology company that raised more than $10 M of venture capital, counted more than 60 employees and secured the world’s top broadcasters and telecommunications companies as its clients and partners. A graduate of McGill School of Management with a double major in Finance and International Business, Tenzin is active on issues relating to human rights and religious freedom. He also ran as a candidate to become a federal Member of Parliament in the Montreal area in the 2006 elections.
(Nominated by Kaydor Aukatsang)

Kunjo Tashi (San Francisco, CA)

Kunjo served as a General Secretary at the Tibetan Association of Northern California. Previously he worked at Tibetan Freedom Press, Darjeeling (1987-89); Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Darjeeling (1988); Potala Tours and Travel, New Delhi (1989-93); and Public Relations Officer at the Bureau of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, New Delhi (1994-1993). Kunjo served as the Program Director of The Foundation for Human Responsibility of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in New Delhi from 1995-2007. He also a recipient of a Fullbright Scholar and completed a non-degree from University of Montana.
(Nominated by Kaydor Aukatsang)

Dechen Tsering (San Francisco, CA)

Dechen served as the President of Tibetan Association of Northern California (TANC) She earned a Masters degree in international public health from Tulane University in New Orleans and a Bachelor of Arts in environmental science from Antioch College in Ohio. Dechen worked with the Seva Foundation in Berkeley, which strives to improve health care in the Global South through a holistic approach. At the Seva Foundation, she focused her program work on India, Tibet, Nepal and Cambodia. In addition, Dechen has worked for the Trace Foundation in New York, which promotes the cultural continuity and sustainable development of Tibetan communities inside Tibet, and has a strong activist background. Dechen’s first trip to Lhasa, Tibet was in 1998 for four months as a research assistant after which she visited Eastern Tibet twice. For the past 3.5 years, Dechen was the Program Officer for Asia & Oceania at Global Fund for Women, a grantmaking foundation in San Francisco.  She is fluent in Tibetan, Hindi, Nepali, Newari and English.
(Nominated by Kaydor Aukatsang)

Lobsang Shastri

Graduated with Shastri degree (equivalent to BA) from Central University of Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarnath, Varanasi, U.P., India. Joined Library of Tibetan Works and Archives (LTWA), Dharamsala, as translator in 1985. Took in charge of chief Librarian of the Tibetan Manuscript Department (LTWA) from 1988-2009.

Tibetan language instructor at the Department of History of Religion, Oslo University, Norway, September 20 to November 18 , 1994. Lecturer/Visiting scholar at the Department of Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA from April-Dec 2006.

Elected Advisory Board Member of the International Association of Tibetan Studies (IATS) in 2003. Editor in-chief of Tibet Journal, LTWA. Member of the XIIth and XIIIth Tibetan Parliament in Exile from 1995-2005.

Attended conference of the International Association of Tibetan Studies (IATS) since 1992 and also many other seminars in India and Bhutan. Presented papers on Tibetan history and culture. Research papers have been published in various journals both in Tibetan and English dedicated for the Tibetan studies. Compiled and published three departmental catalouge book of Tibetan Manuscript Library of LTWA.

Joined Tibetan Buddhist Resource Centre (TBRC) on 24th of August, 2009. Interested in Tibetan history and culture; also preservation of Tibetan cultural heritage.
(Nominated by Tashi Wangdu)

Mr. Karma Chukdong (Toronto)

Karma (B.Ed, M.A, M.Ed.) is an Author, Researcher and Teacher. He is also a Ph.D candidate at University of Toronto. Just finished his second Masters Degree in Educational Administration and Curriculum Studies at the University of Toronto OISE.

Karma is also a Certified Teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers, Toronto Ontario Canada. He says he would like to serve the Tibetan Childrens’ Village and help create a modern curriculum for the next generation of Tibetan youth. He also says he would like to also serve Machik Organization.

Karma’s only goal in life is to help His Holiness the Dalai Lama in some meaningful capacity. He has taught on First Nation Reserves in Canada and thrived in his leadership role in this Indigenous Community in Northern Ontario, Canada. His sole purpose of serving this Indigenous community for two years was to learn how the Indigenous of Canada were able to preserve their religion, culture and language in Canada and take what he learned to share with our TGIE and Tibetan communities.

He has also written a book “The Human Family: A Modern Tibetan Buddhist Perspective” discussing the Tibetan situation and on the importance of Tibetan values and beliefs in today’s modern and precarious world.
This book has become very popular with Tibet supporters and Tibetans alike. Very recently his book publisher AuthorHouse notified him that his book is now available in Communist China and this is wonderful news. As his goal and his publishing team goals was to get this book to China so that our Tibetan voice would be in Tibet and China proper.

This book and this Tibetan author has been given much support from the United Nations For A Free Tibet and it is being marketed and advertized with this prestigious organization.
(Nominated by Karma)

Jigme Ugen (Minnesota)

I believe Jigme Ugen surpasses or exceeds the basic minimum requirements of being a candidate. His accomplishment(s) can only inspire and aspire the young Tibetans to do something constructive for both Tibet and their host country wherever it may be.

When I think of Ugen Jigme: Dedication, perseverance, passion, innovation, genuineness and integrity are few things that come to mind. He is a heavy weight champion who has many wins under his wing: He is the first Tibetan refugee to be elected as a labor leader in North America and now holds a prestigious position as an Executive Vice-President of SEIU-HCMN (Service Employees International Union, Healthcare Minnesota), which has over 17,000 members.

Currently He also serves as the President of RTYC-MN. His vision helped launch GTPN (Global Tibetan Professional Network Minnesota) in Minnesota. Be it lobbying for a cause i.e.: having state of Minnesota recognizing March 10 as “Tibet Day”, or running successful campaigns for the labor union. The guy has the surely made his mark in the mind and hearts of the local Tibetans in MN.

If the man can do so much for his host country just think what he can do or bring to the plate if he was actually a substantial position holder in his own government?
(Nominated by Lobsang)

Dicki Chhoyang, Montreal (Canada)

After much thinking, I have recently decided put forward my candidacy for the position of North American Chithue. For those of you who have known me for several years, this may not come as a surprise. As there are only a few more days left before preliminary elections, I am personally informing my circle of friends and acquaintances of my interest in the position of Chithue. With His Holiness ageing, the issue of leadership transition and sustainable governance is becoming a growing reality. Bearing this in mind along with many other important challenges our community will be facing in the near future, I wish to become more active in our community’s formal governance structure and contribute to the best of my ability. I would be grateful for your support by forwarding this message to your friends and family along with my biographical notes before this Sunday’s preliminary elections, on October 3, 2010.

Dicki Chhoyang was born in India and grew up in Montreal, Canada where she also currently resides. Over the past decades, she has traveled extensively throughout Asia, Europe and North America. She is fluent in Tibetan, English, French and has a working knowledge of Mandarin.

As the Community Liaison Officer for the construction project of the University of Montreal-affiliated mega-hospital, Dicki Chhoyang oversees the successful urban integration of the project through its social and economic benefits for the local community. From 1999 to 2003, she worked on community development projects in Tibet and has a thorough understanding of livelihood issues affecting rural Tibetan communities. Her other professional experience include working in corporate public relations for Pepperidge Farm and as Program Officer for Canada World Youth, a Canada-based organization promoting youth community engagement and experiential learning through volunteer projects.

From an early age, Dicki Chhoyang was actively involved in Quebec’s local
Tibetan community through its cultural association. In the early 90s, she
served as resettlement coordinator in Connecticut for the Tibetan-U.S
resettlement project. More recently, she is co-coordinating the web site to raise public awareness about the upcoming Kalon Tripa election and promote Tibetan civil society engagement in the democratic process.

Dicki Chhoyang completed her undergraduate degree in international business and marketing at McGill University. She holds an M.A. in Central Eurasian studies from the Indiana University and an M.Sc. in planning and international development from the University of Guelph. Her graduate field research focused on Tibetan-medium higher education in Eastern Tibet. She has pursued independent language studies namely in Beijing for Mandarin and Eastern Tibet for Amdo dialect.

(Nominee bios are being upgraded and pictures will be posted as they are made available)


10 Responses to Nominated Candidates

  1. Let me first of all congratulate you on your election to the president of TANC.

    I must say great effort Kaydor la. It surely is very important for the people of north America (NA) to start discussing about whom they are doing to vote for in the coming parliamentary election considering the fact that you now have two people to vote for.

    All my good wishes for your genuine effort in bringing to the foreground the importance of this election not only for the people of NA but Tibetan political situation in general that requires utmost participation from general public at this stage. Hats off!

  2. chitue2010 says:

    Here’s a complete list being maintained by The Tibetan Political Review:

  3. namgyal amnyetsang says:

    Thanks Kaydor la for your initiative. We all know that Chitue election has taken a kind of back seat in the light of Kalon Tripa election and that something needs to be done. So, thank you again for your genuine effort to create awareness on the importance of Chithue election and keep up the honorable work you are doing. We do need young Tibetans like you to come forward and serve our cause at this time of need in our nation’s history. Thanks.

  4. Mrs Sonam Lama says:

    Tashi Delek! Thank you Kaydor bhai for this wonderful website. Your commitment and dedication to the greater Tibetan cause clearly shows. Congratulations also for the President of TANC position. You must be very busy yet you devote time to this.

    Its simply wonderful so see such a wide array of nominated candidates here from different background and experience. As a senior citizen of our community, who once also used to be a teacher, I can speak for most Tibetans to express our confidence and pride that we have of our coming generations. Keep up the good work.

    Majority of the Nominated are young who have wonderful accomplishments and experiences that are much needed for the Chitue (probably their achievements are more) I sincerely hope they accept their nominations. I have met Tendor la and Jigme Ugen la through many Tibet related events here in the US, I have always been inspired by their leadership style of humbleness and honesty. Im sure they have accountability with their prior commitments but I was sure glad to see them recognized (in my humble opinion) hope they dont simply dismiss this opportunity.

    The Chinese government has a generational change in their leadership. We have to keep up with that and out pace them. Innovative and different approaches are needed in this ever changing world, so our Representatives from North America should rightfully symbolize just that when they go to Dharamsala.

    Thank you to all those who are participating in this beautiful process of democracy and taking complete ownership. I pray for a long and healthy life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and to all the candidates my best wishes.

  5. Very well done Kaydorlak. Thank you for keeping our democratic process transparent and informative, plus your website is simple and easy to navigate.

    We finally have TWO seats to represent North American therefore all of us have to do our due diligence to carefully pick and choose the right candidates who can put their own self interest behind to promote the community’s issues. I like how you pointed that working experience in Dharamasala is not a requirement. That’s so important for the candidates and voters to remember, we cannot afford to have more of the same and expect different results.

    The NA representative should be organizers with administrative skill and enthusiasm that can excite and bring people together especially the youth. My generation struggled to bring what this and future generations are benefiting now. “But it is time to pass the torch”. We need to prepare the youth, advice and guide them towards responsibilities that lie ahead. We have to trust and believe that our sons and daughters and their sons and daughters will take forward our vision.

    Looking at some of the nominated candidates on the page, I’m thrilled to see the likes of Tendor, Jigme, Doma and Dargyal. I have always admired these youngsters for their selfless leadership qualities. They are the RIPPLES Kaydorlak…..thank you again.

  6. Dechen Youdon says:

    Tashi Delek,

    I second the nomination for Mr. Karma Chukdong.

  7. Dechen Dolkar says:

    I nominate Mr. Karma Chukdong I know that he is also a member of the Global Tibetan Professional Network:

    Also his titles are according to this website are as follows: Mr. Karma Chukdong B.Ed, M.A, M.Ed.

    Tu chey.

    Tashi Delek.

  8. chitue2010 says:

    Doma Norbu la from New York (nominated by Ganzey Tsering) requested her name be withdrawn for personal reasons.

  9. Pema Choden says:

    Tashi Delek to all

    I second the nomination of Dechen Tsering la from Northern California. I have known Dechen la as a childhood friend. However, after more than 20 years, I was able to catch up with her during the ITSN meeting in New York, Lobby Day 2010 in DC as well as during the Kalon Tripa and Chithue Tsoksoe meetings in May 2010. I was very impressed with her commitment to our cause and her leadership qualities. I think she will be a great addition as the North American Representative in our Tibetan Parliament in exile.

    It is also encouraging to see some of the other well qualified candidates on this list. I wish them all the best!!!

    Pema Choden
    Tibetan Association of Southern California

  10. Tenzin says:

    Where can I find our current Chitue information. I am mean how do I contact Tenzin Choendon la.
    Do you know any website?

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